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Saturday, October 5, 2013

The Militant Genome

Braxton attended Duke University, earned a Bachelor's Degree of Science in Engineering with a major in Bio-Medical Engineering and found his way into medical school at the University of Cincinnati. Following a residency in Emergency Medicine at Madigan Army Medical Center, he served tours as the Chief Emergency medical Services at Fort Campbell, KY and as a research Flight Surgeon at Fort Rucker, AL.
With no experience in writing anything other than technical articles, he hesitated to try his hand at fiction.  The next ten years saw him learning the craft of writing through local writers' groups, seminars, critique groups and more.  His first three completed novels, tucked safely away in their digital prison, are unlikely to ever grace a page of e-ink mostly because the stories are dated.  The Militant Genome marks his first formal publication.
You can connect with Braxton via Twitter, his website and Facebook.

A master gene for race? Geneticists say such a thing doesn’t exist. However, the Colonel, founder of the Missouri White Alliance, has devised a genetic weapon capable of devastating dark-skinned peoples globally. He is only weeks, maybe days away from implementing his viral version of racial cleansing’s “final solution.” There’s only one threat to his plan – a hotheaded member of the MWA has become the target of a nationwide police search for murder and the kidnapping of local celebrity Della Winston … and the unwanted attention risks bringing federal scrutiny to the previously unknown white supremacy group. 
Sarah Wade, MD, has enough stress as a senior Emergency Medicine resident. She never expected that her discovery of a murdered medical student would inadvertently jeopardize her career. Or that the next-day murder of a Nigerian diplomat would lead to the kidnapping of her best friend, Della Winston. The cascade of events pull her – and Seamus O’Connor, the detective assigned to the high-profile medical center murder – into a life-threatening conspiracy of murder, kidnapping, and rising racial tensions.

My Thoughts:
I was fortunate to discover Braxton and his writing through The Book Club Network (  I am a part of The Reader's Only group at TBCN and we truly have a lot of fun chatting, talking about the books we read, posting reviews and meeting the authors.  It was a privilege to meet Mr. DeGarmo and get to know him a little better.  I have read one other book by him, Indebted.  You can find my review by going HEREI was equally if not more impressed by the level of writing talent in The Militant Genome.  I received a signed copy of the book from Braxton through TBCN and agreed to provide a review.
Braxton writes with an honesty and genuiness not found in much of Christian fiction today.  I appreciate books that are blatantly gospel centered in their content; however, many simply won't read books that are what would be considered "preachy".  Braxton's writing isn't preachy and he writes so on purpose.  While writing from a Judeo-Christian worldview, this author isn't afraid to push the envelope a bit.  For example, in The Militant Genome, he uses some mild profanity and showcases the real evil of the white supremacy movement.  His characters don't "have it all together".  Through their stories, he shows real life with all it's struggles and scars, but leaves room for real hope in Christ.
The Militant Genome is a fast paced and intricately plotted thriller with characters that seem as large as life itself and kind of jump right off the page as if they were real people you know. Braxton grabs the reader in the first paragraph and holds him/her "hostage" if you will until the last page.  I simply love his writing for these reasons.  I can't wait to read more from DeGarmo and am glad that he was encouraged to develop his writing talent.

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