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Friday, March 21, 2014

Poison Town

Creston grew up in Bath, Ohio.  He studied magazine journalism at Bowling Green State University and soon began his writing career.  He works from his home office in Atlanta as a copywriter, editor and author of the kind of books he likes to read - tension filled thrillers.

His previous novels are Fear Has a Name, Nobody, Dark Star, and Full Tilt.

You would be blessed to connect with him via his website at, Facebook, and Twitter.

There's more than one kind of poison in this town.

People are sick and dying.
Rumors are swirling.
Some claim chemicals leaking from a manufacturing plant are causing the cancer that's crippling people on the poor side of Trenton City, Ohio. Yet nothing at the plant appears amiss.  The problem remains a mystery until reporter Jack Crittendon's longtime mechanic falls ill.

As Jack investigates, he becomes engulfed in a smokescreen of lies, setups, greed, and scandal.  The deeper he digs, the more toxic the corruption he uncovers.  As he faces off with the big-time players behind the scenes and tries to beat the clock before more people die, he realizes the chillingly unthinkable - he knows way too much.

My Thoughts:
I was so excited to get back to Jack Crittendon and his story!  I was introduced to Jack in the first book in The Crittendon Files - Fear Has A Name.  Creston Mapes (author) gave generously of his time a while back and participated in an author/reader chat over at The Book Club Network.  It was during that chat that I got to know him as an author a bit better and was given the opportunity to get a copy of Poison Town to read and review.
Creston is a master at relaying tension filled stories.  His characters come across as very genuine and believable.  And I absolutely love Jack Crittendon!  He is a man that feels deeply and is passionate about all that he does and his family.  Creston does an outstanding job of allowing his readers into Jack's head and a bit of his heart.
Poison Town is a wild ride you do not want to miss!  Don't start it right before bed, because you will miss a night of sleep!  Creston grabs you from page one and doesn't let go until the last.  I appreciated the way he continues Jack's story started in Fear Has A Name without re-telling so much of the first book.  While Poison Town can be read as a stand-alone novel, I encourage you to read the first book as well.  You will love Jack and his family and won't want to miss a single part of their story, which continues in the third book due out June 2014 - Sky Zone.

*Thank you Fred St. Laurent and TBCN for hosting the chat with Creston.  Thank you also to David C. Cook for sending the complimentary copy of the book for the purpose of this review.

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