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Friday, March 21, 2014

Tide and Tempest

Elizabeth Ludwig is the award-winning author of No Safe harbor and Dark Road Home, books 1 and 2 in the "Edge Of Freedom" series.  Her work has also been featured on Novel Journey, the Christian Authors Network, and The Christian Pulse.  Elizabeth's debut novel, Where The Truth Lies (coauthored with Janelle Mowery), earned her the IWA Writer of the Year Award.  Her first historical novel, Love finds You in Calico, California, was given four stars from Romantic Times.  And her popular literary blog, The Borrowed Book, enjoys a wide readership.

Elizabeth is an accomplished speaker and teacher, often attending conferences and seminars where she lectures on editing for fiction writers crafting effective novel proposals, and conducting successful editor/agent interviews.  Along with her husband and two grown children, she makes her home in the husband and two grown children, she makes her home in the great state of Texas.  To learn more, visit


Edge of Freedom ~ Book #3

Dreaming of a better life, Tillie McGrath leaves Ireland behind and, with her beloved fiance by her side, sets sail for America. But when illness robs her of the man she holds dear, she's left alone with only a handful of tattered memories. While forging on proves difficult, Tillie soon finds some new friends at her New York boardinghouse, and begins pursuing a new dream--to open a home for orphaned children.

Despite two years passing, Captain Keondric Morgan has never forgotten the lass who left his ship so heartbroken. When a crewman's deathbed confession reveals her fiance's demise was the result of murder, the captain knows he must try to contact her. But his attention draws the notice of others as well--dangerous men who believe Tillie has in her possession something that could expose their crimes. And to their way of thinking, the best way to prevent such an outcome is to seize the evidence and then hand Tillie the same fate as her naive fiance.

My Thoughts:
Tide and Tempest was a delightful read that drew me in from the very first pages.  I regret that I missed the first two books in this series.  While the book can be read as a stand-alone novel, there were some gaps in the story for me.  I do suggest reading the first two novels and then reading this one.
Ludwig kept the story moving at a fairly fast pace with twists and turns in the plot that you don't really see coming.  The tender love story tempers the action a bit with intertwined suspense...will Tillie choose Captain Keondric Morgan or his brother Cass?  
Ludwig is a new author for me as an avid reader.  I'll be looking for future books from her!

*I received a complimentary copy of the book from the publisher Bethany House for the purpose of this review.

Happy Reading,