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Monday, August 24, 2009

As the Bell Rings.....

The buses are rolling, the bells are ringing and the teachers have red pens in hand around here this morning. It seems like the summer was way too short, but indeed it is school time!

We had a youth "back to school" picnic this weekend on Saturday. The group headed out to Franklin Locks after everyone got through with school open houses in the morning for an afternoon of relaxation and fun before the daily grind of school and extra-curricular activities began.

Here is Bentley and Danielle on the boat heading out to go tubing. Danielle is one of our youth girls and the daughter of one of our elders. She is such a sweet and mature young lady. She sings in our church choir and has been blessed with awesome singing talent. Danielle is also very good with the little ones. Bentley loves her.

Bentley loves being on the boat! And no grandparents, he did not go tubing. He only watched.

He thought it was so much fun watching everyone fall off the tube.
Here he is just chillin' out.

This is Josh, one of our youth boys. Bentley loves Josh! He likes for all the big boys to tussle with him, but he especially has taken up with Josh.

Here is Cecily (in the middle) waiting for her turn to go tubing. She was not planning on doing it, but the sweet girl next to her talked her into it. Andrea is one of our youth girls who has really welcomed Cecily and made her feel comfortable in the youth group. Cecily really thinks alot of her.

Cecily is getting ready....
to take the plunge. She did really well her first few times. All we have heard from her since Saturday is how much fun she had and how much she wants to do it again.

This is Grace, another one of our girls. She is such a sweet young lady. Grace is really good with kids and has babysat for us several times.

Cecily and Andrea going for another round....

The last 30 minutes or so on the boat....
Bentley decided to take a nap. He could not hold his head up any longer. But he had such a good time. He loves hangin with the "big kids", and they are all so sweet to not mind him tagging along.

We are blessed with such a good group of kids at our church. I wish I had pictures of the other half, but they were on our pastor's boat with he and his wife.

I am praying that all of our youth are blessed with safety, clarity of thought in the classroom, good study habits, and chances to "shine like stars in the universe" as they "hold out the word of truth" to their classmates around them.

Here is Cecily as she was getting ready to leave this morning.
Yea! She thinks now that she is in middle school she is to big to have her "first day" picture taken! Like another mother said on her blog, "Let me take it here at the house, or I'll take it right smack in front of the SCHOOL!"
Much better!!! She was all smiles then.
UPDATE: I just got back from picking her up from school. She opens the door and the talking starts and hasn't stopped! "Ms So and So is so cool and we did this and we are gonna be doing this and...." All without taking a breath!
Yep! I think we are off to a good start!

Thank you Lord for the honor of being Cecily's mother. You have blessed me with a sweet and beautiful young lady. I pray that you would bless her and keep her and make Your face shine upon her this school year. Guide her and direct her steps through this year as she adjusts to a new school with new teachers and new friends. Keep her healthy and safe. Grant her opportunities to share her faith with those around her and may she be a faithful servant of yours in doing so.


Cheryl said...

"As the bell rings..." I take it y'all watch Disney channel too!

So glad I could help out with my awesome parenting skillz....we WILL get a picture one way or another!(insert evil laugh!)

ocean mommy said...

So sweet! That is a great way to start the new year!!!