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Friday, August 7, 2009

The Next Food Network Star

All I can say is "Move over Bobby Flay"!

My children were in rare form yesterday. Cecily (11 yr. old) and Bentley (3 yr. old) played together so sweetly. Cecily was good to entertain her little brother. Her Aunt Julie and Uncle Jason gave her a cupcake maker for Christmas and she and Bentley made a gourmet cupcake dessert TOGETHER!

Doesn't it look yummy?

They had fun enjoying the fruits of their culinary labor!

I know that there will be years ahead of fusses and fights and many "I don't like yous", but my prayer for the two of them really is that they will always love each other.

And I must not forget the littlest one in the bunch.....
who has enjoyed her daddy the past two days! Mike couldn't have much to do with her most of the week due to a nasty upper respiratory infection that we were afraid was or might turn into the flu like many of our other youth camp attendees. But when he felt better, she sure enjoyed having his attention.

She was licking and drooling all over that bald head, when....

she decided that she didn't like the taste anymore!