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Monday, August 3, 2009

Mississippi Friends - Part Three

I promise! This is the last post of our MS friends. You have to know that two mamas plus two cameras plus five kids equals an enormous amount of pictures!

One of the wonderful surprises of the visit was the awesome gifts Amy brought for JennaBeth from Aunt Pooh. Now Aunt Pooh (Lisa Tadlock, Amy's sister-in-law) is not actually JennaBeth's real aunt, but we absolutely claim her in every sense!

She is a sweet, sweet woman with an extreme amount of talent when she sits at a sewing machine. Have a look at these beautiful dresses she made for JennaBeth:

Pink Flamingos

Rainbow Butterflies

Polka Dots (This one is my favorite)

Lady Bugs
Aren't they amazing? I can't wait for JennaBeth to wear them!!!

Here is the quilt Aunt Pooh made...I just about had a hissy over it! For all you Florida friends reading, "hissy" is Mississippi speak for "fit".
I love, love the detail Aunt Pooh added, like baby girl's initials...

and the polka dot bow in one corner...

And if that weren't enough, JennaBeth has a diaper bag to match her quilt...

Aunt Pooh we love you, not so much for the gifts as for the time and effort you put into these sweet things for JennaBeth. You have an amazing talent! Thank you for thinking of our newest addition to the family in such a sweet way! Bentley loves the Batman back pack you made him and Cecily loves her purse as well. You are special to our family!

I'll end with some wrestling pictures....

I'm not sure if the boys or the girls won, but as you could tell Bentley seemed to be the one to pin down. What can I say, that boy is ALL boy, ALL testosterone, ALL the time!

Tomorrow I will post about Mike's trip to Black Mountain North Carolina with our youth. Please come back, the pictures of the scenery are amazing!!

Have a blessed week,