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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Beethoven Has Nothing On My Girl!

Cecily had her first piano recital last night.  She did an awesome job and we are so proud of her accomplishments in this area.  It is so funny, because for years now Mike has asked her off and on about taking piano lessons.  We have even had several of the pianist at churches we have served to offer to give her lessons, but she has never been interested.  "Too much practice required" she always said.

We never pushed it too hard, because if it wasn't something she enjoyed it would surely end up being something she hated if we pushed it on her.  When she started an Arts Academy for middle school this year she was placed in keyboard as one of her electives over something else she had chosen.  She was willing to give it a try and wouldn't you know it, she has ended up loving it!!  Her dad is tickled over it I think!

Here are some pictures I took of her before leaving the house for the recital:

Now presenting the accomplished piano rendition of "Here Comes Santa Clause" and "The First Noel" by Cecily Noel McIlwain (be sure and turn off my music player in the sidebar of the blog in order to enjoy the video): 

Nope!  Beethoven ain't got nothing on my girl!

Doing less and enjoying more,
Jennifer a.k.a. "Proud Momma"


Melissa @ Breath of Life said...

How neat! How old is she? My girl's in 6th grade this year. I'm thinking they may be close in age?

Jenilee said...

how cute! I can't wait to get my girls going on the piano. :)

Adventure Mom Janna said...

Oh she looks lovely. I regret not working harder at the piano. I hope her progress continues!

Angela @ Refresh My Soul Blog said...

How sweet is that!!

Hey you just won the book, Primal!!
Email me your address and I will ship it right out to you.

Angela [AT] Refreshmysoul [dot com]

Yeah! Hope you enjoy it as much or more so than I did.
Much love,