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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Doing Less and Enjoying More

That's my theme for this Christmas season and maybe even for the new year of 2010.

Do Less and Enjoy More...

What would that mean for you?

My heart was already being lead in this direction by the Lord, but I didn't have a succinct way of saying it until I came across the challenge over at The Nester I've also never focused on Advent readings, but I am going to this year.  Our family usually has an Advent wreath, but I've never had daily Advent readings from scripture that I followed in my personal quiet time.  

If you are wondering about Advent, Noel Piper (wife of Pastor John Piper) has a really good explanation of the Advent season over at the Desiring God Blog. 
Here is the last few lines of her post:
"We Christians on this side of Jesus' birth are a God-blessed, happy people because we know God's plan. The ancient waiting is over. We have the greatest reason to celebrate."

So, along with The Nester, I dare you to do less and enjoy more this Christmas season!

Doing less and enjoying more,


Melissa @ Breath of Life said...

Definitely doing less and enjoying more in my home, too. I'll have to check out the Desiring God blog.

What are you reading for Advent?