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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Youth Christmas Party

Cecily was really excited about her first Youth Christmas party this past Saturday!  I don't know what makes a "youth" Christmas party any different from a "regular" Christmas party, but...oh yes I do!  I remember being her age and wanting so badly to be a "youth"!  Oh, to be a "youth" again...NOT!

It was a really fun party and it was great that the youth let us old folks hang out with them for a little while.  I know they may not think that is the coolest thing, but I think we have a great group of youth and well, I like hanging out with them!  Makes me feel, well, not so old!

We had a really great meal of pork loin, green beans, broccoli and cheese casserole, rice with black beans and a few deserts.  It had been so long since I'd had rice crispy treats and they were so good!!

The kids played their version of the Gong Show and exchanged white elephant gifts, which were so funny!

(Jordan with his Hanna Montana poster.  His wrapping paper was glued instead of taped!)

(Cecily ended up with a roll of toilet paper!  They got to exchange - kinda like dirty Santa - so she came home with a remote control Barbie of Swan Lake toy!)

(Kiera ended up with Cecily's diaper full of Tootsie Rolls she had wrapped and brought.)

Bentley had a very good time himself!  He loves hanging out with the "big" boys and they are really sweet to play with him.


JennaBeth got to hang out with Mr. David and she loved him walking her around and holding her!

David is one of our elders and his wife Dawn is our Senior Pastor's secretary.  They have four children. I asked David if he still knew how to get a little one to go to sleep...

and apparently he does!

The kids spent the rest of the time hanging out on the back deck and drinking hot chocolate...

Even though it feels surreal to be a parent of a was a fun evening!

Doing less and enjoying more,


Jenilee said...

How fun! I know what you mean! My oldest Elayna is in first grade and in our children's church now. It is a weird feeling to be mom and pastors wife at the same time. It's going well though. :)