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Thursday, December 3, 2009


Last night was the first Christmas party of the season at church.  Our Adult One Sunday School classes and children had their class party together.  Actually some of the youth worked with the children.  They had pizza and did Christmas crafts.  One of our sweet youth girls (they are all sweet by the way) kept JennaBeth for me and fed her supper and took really good care of her.  Thank you Grace!

The adults met together in the fellowship hall and enjoyed a nice meal together.  Each year these classes do an ornament exchange that is really fun.  You bring and ornament wrapped.  Each person or couple who brought an ornament picks a number and that determines the order you pick from the wrapped gifts on the table.  

Here is the fun part:  After the first three people have unwrapped ornaments, the rest get to unwrap an ornament going in order of the drawn numbers, but get to decide if they want to keep or ornament with someone else!  After a particular ornament has been stolen...exchanged...three times it is considered "dead" and can't be exchanged again.

There were so many pretty ornaments!  One of the first to be opened was this pair of silver jingle bell snowflakes.  I wanted them immediately!  So in the spirit of the game I set out to obtain those snowflakes, patiently waiting to be the third person to take them so I would be able to keep them.  

Yeah...I coveted big time!!

Well, these snowflakes were pretty popular and were exchanged right away!  Before I could get my hands on them they were "dead".

Now I have to digress for a minute and let you know that I had not had a very good day!  As my sinful heart does more times than I care to confess, it had wandered away from trusting in God and had resorted to worry and anxiety.  All after my great big ole commitment to "do less and enjoy more" (see yesterday's post).

I failed the test big time!!

Now back to the snowflake ornaments.  After all was said and done I ended up with the ornament I had bought to the party, which I was totally okay with.  It was a cute nine piece nativity set that I had gotten at Target.  I planned to take it home and hang this cute little set on Bentley's little tree in his room.

As we were beginning to clean up and get ready to go home, the young man who had ended up with the silver snowflake ornaments came up to me and asked me, "Do you want these? I told Aunt Mamie that I was going to give these to you, because I saw that you really liked them."  It was all I could do to keep from crying (like I am now typing this!)!!!

Crying not over some material thing like a Christmas ornament, but crying over how God chose to remind me of His love for me and His grace that covers me through the sweet kindness of one young man with the gift of two snowflake ornaments!


Doing less and enjoying more,