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Monday, March 1, 2010

Are You Watching Over Your Family?

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I was reading in Isaiah this morning and chapter 62 verses 6-7 jumped out at me:
"Jerusulem, I have put guards on the walls to watch.  They must not be silent day or night.  You people who remind the LORD of your needs in prayer should never be quiet.  You should not stop praying to him until he builds up Jerusalem and makes it a city all people will praise." (New Century Version)

When I read these words I was immediately reminded by the Holy Spirit of my duty and privilege as a wife and mother to pray for my husband and my children; to stand and guard the walls of my family.  I was also immediately convicted of what a poor watchman I've been. 

Our Senior Pastor was preaching out of Ephesians chapter 3 verses 11-13 Sunday morning.  He provided us with this quote from Bryan Chapell:
"Thus the mark of a true Christian calling is a willingness to offer personal sacrifice in order to bring together in Christ the strands of humanity separated by sin, misunderstanding, and prejudice, so that we may experience and be a witness of the greatness of the grace of our God."

Pastor also made the point in teaching upon verse 12 of Ephesians chapter 3 that we have freedom of speech before the throne of God!  He made the point that the boldness we will have before men (our families) is in direct proportion to the boldness and faithfulness we have in prayer to God.  
So, how are you watching over your family?



jodi said...

Hi! I'm just getting back into the blog world and read your post. I have not been much of a watchman either in this area. I've been fasting on Wednesday's during Lent and really focusing those days on my family, primarily my husband. They need us to do that probably more than anything. :)

Hope to have a new stirrings up before too long tonight. Gotta get these kids to bed SOON!