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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Catching Up

This post is all about catching up!  My goal when I started blogging was to post something everyday.  Busy life with a pre-teen, a four year old, and a one year old and a husband simply doesn't allow me to do that; hence, the catch up post for today!  And by the way, do you notice what time I'm posting this?  Nuff' said!

A few weeks ago we set up a "school" corner for Bentley.
He is so interested in learning right now that I feel impelled to take the opportunity to work with him while he is so willing!  His Sunday School teacher works with him on letter and number recognition at the end of Sunday School for a little bit each Sunday and it is my goal to follow up on that during the week.  We haven't gotten into a real structured routine yet (hence my issues with catching up!), but I've been praying and seeking the Lord about how to organize my day to fit this in.  Any suggestions from you homeschooling moms are welcomed.  Keep in mind I have a one year old as well during the day, but I know this is a really important thing for Bentley right now.
Another new thing happening for Bentley is TeamKid on Sunday nights.  I have his weekly Bible verse taped under his "letter" wall so we can work on memorizing that as well.  By the way, don't you just love that verse!

Last weekend we took advantage of the "free" hour at the Southwest Florida Fair. If you got there at 5 o'clock, you were able to take advantage of free admission and free rides from 5 to 6. Bentley has absolutely NO fear!  He went for the "big wheel" first thing!
Cecily is a little more timid when it comes to the rides; however, we did manage to coax her into riding one ride with Bentley:  the Dumbo ride!
Mike had to ride most of the things with Bentley, because I'm...well a chicken too when it comes to the rides!  Here they are coming down the big slide.
After getting off every ride, I would ask Bentley, "So, how was it?"  His answer was a very happy, "It was so aweshum" and on we were to the next one!

They even rode this...
I'm not sure Bentley knew what was in store for him.
He said the Himalaya was "aweshum" but it was "way so fast and I didn't like the going backward part".

A few more of his adventures that day...
Before we left, I had to have some fresh squeezed lemonade.  For some reason, there is just nothing better that lemonade from the fair.

This young man was from Nebraska.  When I asked for a large lemonade, he immediately said, "You must be from the South.  Where are you from?"  I get that question all the time!  I really must rock a southern accent!  When people down here in Florida ask me that, I've started asking them, "Where do you think I'm from"?  The guy fixing my lemonade guessed Georgia.  When I told him Mississippi, he said, "Well then I know just how you Mississippi folk like your lemonade.  I'll fix you up right!"  THAT WAS THE BEST GLASS OF LEMONADE I BELIEVE I'VE EVER HAD!!!!!  Yep, he knows us "Mississippi folk" pretty well!  Felt like I needed to tip him, but since that stinkin' lemonade cost me FIVE dollars...

Today, oops yesterday (it's 12:42 a.m.!!!) was spent catching up on laundry and installing this...
JennaBeth has graduated to the "big girl" car seat.  I caught this cute seat on sale at Target.  I had sold her swing on Craig's List and pooled that money with some birthday money from grandparents and got this seat this week.
And just so you know that after reading the directions ( yes I did ), that it actually did make it into the car...
I'm gonna get the Fort Myers police officer who lives next door to come inspect it to make sure it is installed properly so if THIS ever happens again, I know she will be safe.

Alrighty then.  That post was about as joined together as my brain cells feel like they are about now.  I think I'll go to bed now!  Ya'll (insert very strong southern drawl!) sleep tight and don't let the bed bugs bite and have a blessed day in worship of the Lord tomorrow, oh excuse me, today!!!!