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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Swap Shop

I think I've said it before, but I love Women's Ministry!  There is something exciting and encouraging about a group of ladies getting together and having a blast in fellowship with each other.  And, that's exactly what I had the privilege of doing last night.

One of the ladies on our Women's Ministry Team came across the neatest idea.  You might want to try it at your church, because it was a huge hit for us.  There is already talk about making this an annual Spring ladies event.  Here is how it works:
You take a survey around your house.  Look for things that you have that may be becoming clutter for you or maybe just things you aren't using anymore and would like to get rid of.  Bring those items to your church.  For every item you bring you get that many sticky notes to write your name on.  Look around at what the other ladies have brought and if you see something you would like to have or could use then place your sticky note on that item.  If more than one name is placed on an item, those names are placed in a basket and one drawn out.  That lucky person gets to take that item home.  Our ladies chose to donate the unclaimed items to a local hospice organization's thrift store.

This was really alot of fun.  It was neat to hear some of the stories behind the items that were brought!

And of course the best part of an evening like this is sitting around with snacks and just chatting with one another.
Here are the things I ended up bringing home:

I don't know of many women who don't like to "shop", talk and snack; so this was a near perfect night!