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Monday, March 29, 2010

Proud of My Girl!

We are now officially living with a smarty pants!

Cecily was notified last Thursday that she was accepted into the NFMAA chapter of the National Junior Honor Society.  She is taking a hefty load of classes this year and we are so proud of her.  Sixth grade and middle school has been quite a transition for her and she has had a difficult year in school this year; not so much with academics as with other things.  We are so proud of her for hanging in there!  She'll have her induction service on April 12th.

One of the classes she is taking as an elective this semester is Art.  Cecily has always been the artsy/crafty type.  When we were living in TN, she was four years old.  I worked outside the home at the time about an hour and a half drive both ways so I missed much of her growing up during those two years.  Mike recalls a story of one after noon he was with her and she insisted on getting some sponges and cutting them into animal shapes so she could paint with them!

One of her latest projects in Art was to draw a grid drawing.

Her drawing is on the right and the black and white copy is on the left.  Her teacher picks a few of the best drawings to hang up in the school and is considering Cecily's because it was so good!  I unashamedly would agree with the teacher on this one!!

Cecily is also getting ready to go on her first Youth Camp trip to Georgia this summer.  She has been getting sponsors for her trip and this weekend helped with a youth car wash to make money for the camp trip.
The kids were really busy and had cars backed up for parts of the morning.  I'm hoping they did well on the donations.  They also had fun I think...
JennaBeth even got in on the action.  She was used by the girls as a ploy to get people to turn in for the car wash.  They held her up along with their signs hoping people couldn't pass up a cute little baby!
Bentley even helped out a little.
He was surprised by a gentleman that gave him a "tip" of $1 for drying his truck off so nicely!  He thought he had really done something.  He went straight home and put it in his piggy bank!

Praying you have a blessed week,


Mariel said...

how fun! sounds like you have been a proud mama this week! Congratulations to your daughter, too! :)