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Friday, May 21, 2010

Chosen: The Lost Diares of Queen Esther

I received a copy of Chosen:  The Lost Diaries of Queen Esther by Ginger Garrett for the purpose of review from the B&B Media Group Inc.

I have read the story of Queen Esther in the Bible many times and have completed Beth Moore's Bible Study on Esther.  Our family even has the Veggie Tale version of the story.  So, I was interested in reading Ms Garrett's take on this familiar Bible story.  To be honest, my thought while waiting on the book to arrive was this:  "There can't be much different or spectacular to expect.  After all, I know this story backward and forward."  Well, I was pleasantly surprised!

I could not put this book down!  I love to read historical biblical fiction books and this one was absolutely riveting from beginning to end.  It was like I was learning about Queen Esther for the first time!!!  Ms Garrett writes the book in first-person diary format.  The chapters are short and the end of each one makes you want to know what happens next; thus the reason I could barely put it down!

The appendix section of the book includes current-time new excerpts, which helps the reader to see how Esther's story is woven into our own present day lives.  As you read the book, you will be directed to these excerpts at different and applicable places in the story.

This is a short portion from the prologue:
"The greatest glory of a woman is to be least talked about by men, whether they are praising you or criticizing you.  Our role is clear:  We were to be objects of passion, to receive a man's attention mutely, and to respond only with children for the estate.  Even the most powerful woman of our time, the beautiful Queen Vashti, was powerless.  That was my future as a girl and I dared not lift my eyes above its horizon.  That is how I enter this story.  But give me your hand and let us walk back now, past the crumbling walls of history, to this world forgotten but a time yet remembered.  Let me tell you the story of a girl unspared, plunged into heartache and chaos, who would save a nation.  My name is Esther, and I will be queen."
Whether you are familiar with the story of Esther or not, you have got to read this book!  I was reminded of the Sovereign hand of God plotting and planning for His glory, our good and maybe even the salvation of our families, neighbors, cities, states, and nation!  Just maybe He wants to use you or me to accomplish something great in one or more of these areas!  Oh, I hope and pray so!!!

You can get more information about this book and others from the B&B Media Group Inc.

This book can also be purchased at Amazon.



Mariel said...

as one of my fave books of Scripture, I look forward to reading this author's take. :)

jodi said...

This sounds intriguing! I put together Beth Moores Esther study for some of my girl friends for this summer. I'd love to read this book along with it. If you're still sending Emery a package, maybe you could slip this on top??? :) I promise to send it back.