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Monday, May 24, 2010

Dances and Doctors

I hope everyone had a good weekend!  We had a fairly busy one.

On Friday night Cecily had "Dance Days" at her school.  She also had a couple of pieces of art on display.
Her drawing of Michael Jackson was framed and will be on display at the school for a while.
This was her Line Texture Design.

On Saturday Cecily had her sixth grade field trip.  She went to the Broadway Palm Dinner Theatre and saw "The Emperor's New Clothes".  

Bentley is having fun making some new friends in our new neighborhood.  We have so many families with children all around us.  Our house is on a side road, so all the kids in the area ride bikes and play ball and kinda hang out.  It's going to be exciting getting to know these families and making connections with them.  Bentley had a couple of new friends teaching him how to ride a "big boy bike" Saturday afternoon.

Today, JennaBeth had her 15 month check-up.  She weighs 23 lbs. and 9 oz. and is 31 inches long.  These measurements put her in the 75 percentile for her height and the 55 percentile for her weight.  Her pediatrician gave me a referral to an early intervention program for an evaluation of her verbal skills and abilities.  He isn't overly concerned, but thought the referral couldn't hurt.  JennaBeth recognizes objects and is hearing well, but just isn't saying many intelligible words at this point.  She can sure carry on a conversation in her own little babble though!
As you can tell, she wasn't in much of a picture taking mood; especially with the doctor and especially since she had four shots!  Although, these were taken BEFORE she had the shots!  

Look how she has grown:

(6 weeks old with the doctor who delivered her)
When we got home, sweet girl was all over the shots and still hanging on to some of her brother's toys:

We will work on our acting lady-like another day!



Mariel said...

glad she's well and the checkup went well!

Way to go for you firstborn's artwork!!

Have a great week! :)

Sher-I said...

Your oldest is very talented. I always wished I could draw. How exciting for your lil man. We were just trying to teach one of our nephews to ride a bike. So exciting but sad they are growing up in the same. And for Ms. JennaBeth, I am so sorry she had to get shots but she looks like she overcame them and what a cuttie.