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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Birthday Celebration: Part 2

We finished up celebrating Bentley's 5th birthday today.  He requested to have his special lunch at none other than Chuck E Cheese and just had to open his presents first!
His big sister got him this plastic popcorn holder.  She has one and whenever she is eating popcorn, Bentley always mentions that he reeeeaaallly neeeeeds one!  So, now he does!!
Bentley loves going to the library on Fridays with his daddy.  Lately, he has been getting Power Ranger videos and watching them.  I picked him up this small pack from Wal-Mart.
JennaBeth (with a little help from mommy) picked these out for big brother.  He loves to play with these vehicles; especially if they have little people that go with them.  He has such a vivid imagination and it really is fun each day as I watch and listen to him play!
Bentley's Papaw Conrad (my dad) sent him this Transformer in the mail and he opened it today also.  It was just perfect, because it matches his gray and blue Corvette Transformer he got earlier this week!
 Little miss-priss had to get in on the action today also!

Bentley enjoys getting mail; so all the cards this week has thrilled his little heart.  He got a special card from his Mamaw and Papaw from Alabama with a little b-day money that is already burning a hole in his pocket!

After we got home from Chuck E Cheese, we presented him with his BIG surprise.

And then he had to try it out!

With a few adjustments in the training wheels and seat and a little practice, he'll be burning the roads up!!

Not too long after this, a sweet lady from our church showed up with this...
his first model airplane!!  It has the engine and everything!  Until Bentley gets a little older and can manage learning how to fly the plane...
it is going to hang from the corner of his room.  He thinks it is so cool to have this hanging above his bed!

"You have grown up so much over the past two years!  I am amazed at the little man you are becoming!  I don't think I can explain to you how much I love you!  It is a joy to fix you your pink milk in the mornings and hear you call your baby sister "sweet, adorable baby girl".  You are doing very well with your school work each day.  I pray you continue to love learning.  And you think the world of your big sister!!  You give her heck much of the time, but something tells me nobody better mess with her too much besides you!
I am especially thankful for the way your heart is so tender to the things of the Lord right now.  Your prayers at meal time teach me a lot about remembering to thank God for "all His powers and all the things He does for us".  You've been asking lots of questions lately about Jesus and why He died on the cross and about God and where He lives and how to get to heaven to live with Him.  Mommy prays that the Holy Spirit will continue to work in your heart and draw you into relationship with Jesus.
I'm so proud of you and thankful to God for keeping you a healthy and thriving little guy!  I can't wait to see how His plan unfolds for you!
It is an honor to be called "mom" by you!  And I pray as you watch me and daddy that you'll be lead to the One Who loves you more than we do!"


jodi said...

A sweet prayer for a sweet boy! I hope he liked his baseball cards from Emery. He is totally into baseball now and just had gotten his first pack. When I asked him what we should get Bentley, he was certain baseball cards would be best! :)