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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

God Knows My Name: Never Forgotten, Forever Loved

There is something about someone remembering and calling us by our name that makes us feel special, isn't it?

I remember when our daughter started kindergarten.  She was attending a charter school in MS.  We were moving to the area for my husband to begin a ministry opportunity.  It was a little nerve wracking not only moving to a new area, but our firstborn beginning her first year of school.  We wanted to make sure we had her in a good school.  When my husband and I took her that first day, our family was met at the door by the principal of the school.  She spoke to my daughter and said, "Good morning Cecily.  Welcome to Stern!"

She called my daughter by name and I knew we had her in the right place!

Beth Redman, wife of Matt Redman, has written a book, God Knows My Name, where she reminds us that God knows all about us.  Here are the chapter titles:
  • God Knows My Name
  • God Knows My Past
  • God Shapes My Character
  • God Sees My Choices
  • God Has Not Forgotten Me
  • God Is My Helper
  • God Is My Defender
  • God Is My Restorer
Beth writes in a very friendly and conversational style.  As you read this book, you feel as if you are having sweet fellowship over lunch with a long time and trusted friend.

Here is an excerpt from the chapter "God Shapes My Character" where Beth speaks about developing a beautiful character, the place for humility in our lives,  submitting to God, trusting God with the desires of our hearts and God directing our paths:
"When we acknowledge God in all our ways, we listen to His words, obey His commands, and value His thoughts over and above our own.  We submit our desires to Him and deliberately choose to walk in His ways.  Then as the Lord sees our choices, how we choose to live, and our choice to honor Him in all we do, He will make our paths straight and bless us.  The Bible is clear that the Lord directs us in His path if we trust Him and are open to His direction.  This might surprise you, but God is better at working out our lives than we are!  He knows what we need, He knows that we are weak and frail, but He longs to bless us, in the appointed time, in His perfect way.  I have found over the years that sometimes a no is as good for my soul as a yes.  A no forces me to increase my trust.  When I am seeking Him for abundance, sometimes on reflection it seems His no was an amazing way to increase my dependence.  Trusting God does not mean simply waiting around passively for a master plan to fall into our laps.  Jesus clearly teaches us that we are to pray about everything we need, and today that may well have as much to do with decisions and career as our daily bread."
The book is easy to read and Beth is lighthearted and funny at times.  I was a little uncomfortable with the way she treated the issue of repentance, feeling her handling of it was a bit too lighthearted.  At one point she finally refers to repentance as simply telling God you are sorry.  Repentance is much more than just telling God you are sorry.

Overall the book was helpful.  There is a study guide included which would make it excellent to use in one's devotional time or in a small group study.  It can be purchased at  I received my copy from Audra Jennings with B&B Media Group in exchange for my honest review.



Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing this book with us!! It sounds like a wonderful one! Can't wait to read it :)