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Thursday, September 16, 2010


Well, the baby boy isn't such a baby anymore!  He turned FIVE years old yesterday!  Here he is on the eve of his fifth birthday...
He has been so excited about this birthday!  Since it fell in the middle of the week like this, we plan to do his big celebrating on Saturday with a special lunch somewhere, a few more small presents and then back home for his birthday cake and his big surprise...a bike...shhhh...don't tell him!  Cecily is making his birthday cake as specially requested by Bentley.  He wants her to make him a football helmet cake...The Saints of course!  It should be really cute.

He did get a few surprises yesterday; like his "pink" milk he loves in a special transformer cup...
And he got to open his presents from his granny and pops...

He kept asking me, "How in the world did granny know I wanted these two things so bad I saw at the store?"  I told him that grannies were real smart about these kinds of things.
Can you tell how excited he is?
He did not set this little black Power Ranger down ALL DAY LONG!!!  He had spotted him and the transformer in Wal-Mart and had tugged on my arm in all the drama a little four year old boy can muster and said, "I haaaaaavvvvvveeeeee to get these for my birthday!"  Yep, grannies are smart like that aren't they?

Like I said, we'll celebrate big time on Saturday with a special lunch to none other than Chuck E Cheese.  I'll take plenty of pictures of all the excitement over the big surprise and I'll share my special prayer for Bentley.
Until then enjoy some sweet pictures of my little guy who I'm realizing is not so "little" anymore.



Mariel said...

happy birthday to your little man! :)