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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Month of Thanksgiving: Day 10

Today I am very thankful for healthy, growing and developing children!  We have three ages 12 (almost 13, she reminds us everyday!), 5 and 20 months.  They are all three changing it seems everyday.
The littlest one is learning more and more each day and her vocabulary and understanding is increasing by the minutes it seems like.  She watches every move her big brother a.k.a. "bubba" makes and thinks she can do everything he does.  You can tell she loves him so much!  When she wakes up in the mornings, she starts calling, "bubba, bubba" as loud as she can.  She does the same thing when she wakes up from her naps during the day.
Bentley (our 5 year old) loves his "big tister" so much!  And she loves him!  You wouldn't know it on some days if you could hear them.  Little brother can be just that a little brother, but at the end of the day they love each other bunches and it is sweet to see them together.  Cecily is so good to take up time with her little brother and sister.  In the picture above she had built a "fort" in the living room and read books to Bentley.  Now, NO ONE can build a fort like "big tister"!
This picture is of JennaBeth at  her 18 month check-up with the pediatrician. 
I'm blessed and thankful to have healthy children.  I am painfully aware that there are many moms who can not say that and I think of them and their children often.
Learning to help is another thing I have prayed my children would learn and desire to do and I see that happening.  It's exciting to see it in the younger two.  Their big chore is to take out the the items to be recycled to our recycle bin in the garage each evening.  Baby sister is big brother's "helper".  She loves to do this with him.  When a pile of things build up on the kitchen counter, I'll say, "It's time to recycle" and JennaBeth comes running around into the kitchen saying, "cycle, cycle" and is ready to go.  Many times Bentley will notice things need to be taken out and he'll call to JennaBeth, "baby tister, it's time to do our chore".  He'll hand her a few items she can carry and tells her to come help him.

The two of them are out on our lanai right now playing and it is music to my ears; all except the screaming on baby girl's part.  Apparently her brother isn't playing with her just right!

One of JennaBeth's newest words she has learned is "Sissy".  I took this picture before we left for church on Sunday.  She was saying "sissy" when I snapped the pic.  I love to see the smiles on their faces!

Speaking of words, we were working on all the grandparents' names this morning.  JennaBeth has papaw, pops, mamaw and nana down, but is having trouble saying "granny" (what the littles call my mother).  Every time Bentley and I would ask her to say "granny" she would say "maw"; not mawmaw, but just "maw".
So, granny, for now you are "maw"!!

Check out Rebecca Writes and be blessed and encouraged to be thankful for something today!

Thankful and blessed,


Trisha said...

It is so easy to take for granted our children's health! We've had two hospitalizations this year with our children, and I often reflected on the families who spend much of their lives in and out of the hospital or doctor's offices. Praising God with you for the gift of good health.