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Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas Fun with the Youth

This past Wednesday night was the Youth Christmas Party at our church.  Mike (my hubby) had a couple of our older youth come up with the games (Thank You Andrea and Jordan) and they did a really good job.

First they played the "Musical Present" game...
where they passed a present around that had been wrapped multiple times.  When the music stopped, the person holding the package had to unwrap one layer and follow the instructions on the card taped to the next layer of wrapping paper.  In the end, the last person who ended up with the package and unwrapped the last layer of paper got to keep the item in the box, which in this case was a very large Hershey bar!

Then they divided themselves up into two teams.  One person was designated the "Christmas Tree" and each team had to see which one could decorate their "Christmas Tree" the fastest...
Kiera was one "Christmas Tree"...
and Darci was the other.
Darci's team won!  They got her decorated and over to an outlet and "plugged" in first!

Her brother Jordan sporting his high school's colors with his "bling"...
What kid doesn't like ice cream, huh?  Well these big kids got to feed each other ice cream.  They broke off into pairs and had to see which team could finish a bowl of ice cream first by feeding it to their partner...
 (Sisters, Ellen and Julia)
 (Brothers, Josh and Jordan)
 (Marissa and Grace)
 (Veronica and Andrea)
(Darci and Keyana)
Next came the game where there was another box wrapped multiple times.  The kids sat in a circle and threw dice.  Whoever rolled a double had to put on oven mitts and attempt to unwrap the present.  That person could keep working on unwrapping the gift until the next double dice was rolled...
The last game consisted of the kids breaking off into pairs again.  They were given a box, wrapping paper and tape.  Each team had to see who could wrap their box the fastest with just one minor catch.  Each team member had to hold one of their hands behind their back and work as a team wrapping the gift with the use of just one of their hands...
 (Josh and Jordan)
 (Wilmarie and Cecily)

After some yummy snacks, the kids had a white elephant gift exchange.  Every year they come up with the funniest gifts.  They really have a great time with this...
 The Justin Bieber poster and book "with 60 cute stickers" was a real big hit! Ha Ha!!
 Then there was the famous re-gift of the rock.  Last year the rock had googly eyes. They were removed for the re-gift!
And Jordan ended up with a very cute pink and orange mist fan!  I'm sure he'll whip that out at his next baseball practice when he gets a little hot!!!
At one point during the party, Elvis showed up to sing Blue Christmas and the kids semi-accompanied him...

The Ms Darci Moody played Silent Night...

I'm so thankful that Cecily gets to be part of such a fun group of kids.  They are a blast to hang out with and I am so proud of them!!

Making Room for Him,



Mariel said...

How fun!! Those games look so fun :)
Hope you have a very merry Christmas!