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Monday, August 15, 2011

First Day of the Second Week

We made it through our first week of school around here!  Bentley seems excited about kindergarten, his class, and making new friends.  Although he did ask me Friday morning, when I was trying to wake him up, "What's so important about school and why do I have to go every single day?"  He has a very long 13 years ahead of him :)  I had to take a couple of pictures again this morning before he and Cecily left, just because...
they were matching!!  I promised them this was the last Monday morning school picture I would take...I think.  As you can tell if you look close enough to the left in the picture, there is a little girl that wakes up really early to see her "bubba" and "sessy" off to school.  She wanted to take a picture with bubba...
I think she misses having him around during the day just. a. little. bit!  She and I are getting into our own little routine during the day while bubba and sessy are away.  Because she is getting up so early, she puts up no fight and goes down for a nap around 11 to 11:30 am.

We are beginning to hit the potty training pretty seriously.  Little miss is also enjoying another milestone...she's now sleeping in her "big girl bed", which she is so proud of that she has to show everyone who comes to the house!

I decided to skip the toddler bed and went straight to a regular twin bed for her.  We got a really good deal on this sweet twin size day bed with a trundle bed underneath.  Thank you Leslie and Sean!  Now JennaBeth is all set for those little girl sleepovers!  She has become very creative in her play time.  These days she really likes taking care of her lovey "Pink Bunny".  The other day I found her like this in her room playing...
She told me, "I watch pink and green bear for nap while bubba at 'cool house."  She was so proud that she was taking care of green bear (Bentley's lovey) for her bubba!  JennaBeth is a little stinker, but she is going through that stage of wanting to take care of things like her lovey and her dolls.  I also have to let her "cook" for me everyday.  Just the other day, I had coffee and "coocakes" (cupcakes) for breakfast, lunch and supper!  She would bring me my meal and say, "Here's coffee and pink coocake for woo!"  She would tell me, "Now clean woo pate."  I wonder where she's heard that before???

If I ever thought life would slow down a little when school started, I was terribly wrong!  JennaBeth is wide open going from the time she gets up until she goes to bed!  But I have to admit, she keeps things interesting, especially when you sit her down with her Boston creme strudel for breakfast and turn around and see this staring back at you...