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Thursday, August 25, 2011

One Call Away: A Memoir

You may know her as the spikey haired and outspoken wife of NFL quarterback Kurt Warner.  However, now when people approach her and ask, "Hey, aren't you Kurt Warner's wife?", she kindly extends her hand and responds, "My name is Brenda".  In her memoir One Call Away:  Answering Life's Challenges with Unshakable Faith, Brenda Warner shares the amazing journey God guided her through and the transformation that He brought about in her life.  She candidly shares her struggles with fear and finding her true identity in hopes that her life experiences can help other women.

One Call Away is a very well written book.  Brenda shares some of the most intimate details of her life including her failed first marriage to a fellow marine, the injury to her 4 month old son that left him blind and disabled, the loss of both her parents in a tornado and her marriage to NFL superstar Kurt Warner.  A common thread throughout Brenda's story is her faith in God and how she met each potentially crippling event in her life with prayer and an "I will not let this destroy me" attitude.

At various points in the book, Brenda appears as somewhat of a control freak.  You get the impression that life is all about her and what she wants.  In other words, it's her way or no way.  However, at just about the point you think you don't like this woman very much, she shares the story of Daniel.  It's then that the reader will realize that they may have more in common than they think with this marine, registered nurse, and mother of seven.  An added bonus, if you are married to a very big fan of the NFL like I am, is the inside peak into the inner sanctum of the National Football League and what it is really like to be a family struggling for "normal" in the spotlight.

You can learn more about Kurt and Brenda Warner and their First Things First Foundation by visiting  You can order Brenda's book by following the link to provided below.

Thomas Nelson sent me a complimentary copy of One Call Away for the purpose of review.