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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Thespians and Firefighters

A couple of weekends ago, Cecily (our oldest) participated in a Junior Thespian competition where she submitted three pieces in the costume design category.
Her assignment was to pick a play (she chose Blithe Spirit) and research it.  Then she was to choose three characters from the play and design costumes for each, choose material, and sketch the designs. 

The pictures do not do her designs justice!  They were very detailed and she did a really good job.  She worked very hard on them and it paid off, because she was given a Super Superior rating by a panel of three judges!  She had to give an oral presentation about the play and her designs to the judges.  Cecily's teacher let me read the comments from each of the judges and I was so proud of her!  Each judge praised her for her knowledge of the play and its characters, each stating their amazement that they could not stump her with their questions.  She will go onto the state competition in February.

Now while Cecily was at her competition that Saturday, Mike and I took the two little ones to our local Fire Department that was having an open house.

Fireman John showed Bentley and JennaBeth around the station, gave them some goodies (hat, coloring book about fire safety and a dvd) and then let them do some things outside with the fire hose and truck.  Bentley was being a little shy, but JennaBeth jumped right in the middle of things just like she knew what she was doing!
Bentley eventually got over his shyness and joined in on the fun.
They also got to "drive" the firetruck...

JennaBeth, I think, thought she was really gonna drive that truck!  Fireman John helped her down and she tried to crawl right back in the driver's seat.  He was rather taken with her tenacity about the whole experience!
Fireman John and the kids
JennaBeth, Me, Mike and Bentley
This is how I found the two little ones that following Sunday morning as were getting ready to leave for church...


jodi said...

Love Cecily's designs! How fun!!!