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Saturday, October 1, 2011

The Crossing

 "As the Campbells and Casio teeter on the brink of losing everything, will they be able to discover that what begins at the crossing ends at the cross?"

Serita Ann Jakes serves alongside her husband, Bishop T.D. Jakes at The Potter's House located in Dallas, TX.  She has been involved in Christian ministry all of her adult life.  She and T.D. have raised three sons and two daughters.  Serita is executive director of WoMan to Woman Ministries at The Potter's House.

In addition to her family and ministry responsibilities, Serita has written a novel The Crossing, published by Waterbrook Multnomah.  Waterbrook sent me an Advanced Reading Copy of the novel for the purpose of review.

I was anxious to read The Crossing because I love faith based suspense novels, but primarily I wanted to read Jakes' novel because I wanted to see if some of the theology of her husband with which I can not line up with bled over into her writing.  I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised!  The Crossing is a riveting and well written novel of suspense and faith.  Jakes' development of the characters and the telling of their back stories is phenomenal.  There is not one character that will not affect the reader in some way.  From the very first paragraph until the last sentence, I was drawn into this amazing story of friendship, love, abuse, murder, betrayal, forgiveness, healing and redemption.  The Crossing, while full of twists and turns that the reader does not see coming, is written in such a way that the reader is not confused, but left wondering and searching for answers until the very last word.

You will not be able to put this one down!

You can read an excerpt from the first chapter HERE.

The Crossing can be purchased from the publisher HERE.

You can also order the book from by going HERE.

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