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Friday, January 13, 2012

Moments of Truth

Moments of Truth:  Unleashing God's Word One Day at a Time is a collection of devotions that offer biblical teaching, scripture, and prayer to match the annual happenings of the calendar and give daily truths from a foremost biblical scholar and author.
Christianity starts with a life-changing encounter with Christ. But then what? From the beautiful moment of salvation to the dying breath, a powerful life in Christ depends on one thing: being in continual relationship with the Father. But does that relationship deliver only encouragement? Or does it offer instruction, reshaping, and revitalization?
In this unique daily devotional, renowned teacher and Bible scholar John MacArthur offers readers truths that will not only inspire them day-by-day but also will give them digestible nuggets of biblical wisdom.
Moments of Truth is designed to meet readers right where they are each day. Entries are intentionally arranged to match the highlights of the calendar year, such as Christmas, Easter, Tax Day, Mother’s and Father’s Day, Back-to-School, and everything in between. This book recasts the role of faith in readers' lives by matching God’s truth with the daily realities we all face. It is only by seeing life through our relationship with the Father that we will access and experience the spiritual depths he designed us for.

I really liked how this devotional was organized:  Each month addresses a particular "topic".
  • January - Beginnings
  • February - Love
  • March - The Cross and Easter
  • April - Growing As A Christian
  • May - Parenting
  • June - Marriage
  • July - Freedom, America, Leadership, and War
  • August - The End-times and other Important Doctrines
  • September - Work
  • October - Sin, Evil and Temptation
  • November - Money, Giving, Discipline, and Self-Control
  • December - Jesus' Birth and Life
Each day MacArthur presents the reader with a passage of scripture (usually one verse), a short devotional thought (one page) and a probing question at the end for personal reflection/application.  Each days devotional thought is an excerpt from one of MacArthur's many published books such as Slave, A Tale of Two Sons, Twelve Extraordinary Women, The Murder of Jesus, Can God Bless America? and The Vanishing Conscience.

MacArthur is pastor-teacher of Grace Community Church, president of Master's College and Seminary and president of Grace to You, the ministry that produces the internationally syndicated radio program Grace to You

Moments of Truth can be ordered at by going HERE.

I was sent a copy of Moments of Truth by Thomas Nelson for the purpose of review.