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Monday, February 27, 2012

Where Did All My Babies Go???

I officially have no more babies and I'm not sure if I'm sad or celebrating the growth and development of my three sweet blessings...probably some of both.  JennaBeth has had a busy time the past few days.  It began last Tuesday with a trip to Hair Cuttery to see Ms Juliet (our family's stylist) to get her hair trimmed up for the first time.
She enjoyed getting her hair washed and liked the fact that the water didn't get in her eyes like it does at home.
JennaBeth was a big girl and sat perfectly still for her haircut. 
She kept looking in the mirror with a very stoic look on her face.
Ms Juliet gave her a "First Haircut" certificate with a small piece of her hair taped to it.  We have been kind of dreading this trip because of JennaBeth's fascination with the movie "Tangled" which tells the story of Rapunzel (The girl with the long golden hair according to JennaBeth).  She loves the movie and always reminds us of "that bad woman cut Ms Punzel's hair and it turned brown" and would always tell us "I don't want my long golden hair to get cut".  She even asked Ms Juliet if her hair would turn brown when she cut it!  I was happy that she seemed to have a good time being pampered.  Ms Juliet was a pro and helped it be a good experience for JennaBeth.
On Thursday (her actual birthday 2/23), JennaBeth and I had our normal Thursday morning out to Bible Study.  I have been meeting with a group of ladies for Bible Study on Thursday mornings for almost five years now.  Childcare is provided for JennaBeth and we have a really good time.  It is one of the highlights of my week!  Before we left that morning, JennaBeth and "pink bunny" picked me a flower...
Little miss also enjoyed making silly faces at me from the back seat while we were waiting on the other ladies to arrive...
This is our Thursday morning group minus several ladies who were away this past week:
As you can see, we had our picture taken with our Bible Study leader...Beth Moore :)  Our group is finishing up her study "Believing God".  In a couple of weeks, we will be starting Beth's newest study on the book of James.  The young lady JennaBeth is standing in front of is Ms Rebecca who takes care of her during the study.  JennaBeth absolutely loves her Ms Becca!  After Bible study, I took JennaBeth to McDonald's for a birthday lunch.  Then on Saturday we had a Tangled birthday party.  You know I took a million pictures, so come back tomorrow and see how JennaBeth celebrated Tangled style!!



Angeleyes said...

I love this, Jennbeth is so cute with her big girl hair cut. I love that you post these special moments once they happen they are over just as quick. I know if John and I were parents we would record every second of our kids life. Problely drive them crazy. If you think about it momories are all we have of our children because everyday they change in someway or another,I believe that's why we have to cherish every moment. Keep them coming Jenn.