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Thursday, September 13, 2012

A Dinah Harris Mystery Series

Julie Cave credits her parents for introducing her to books at a young age, which fostered an enduring passion for reading and writing. As a child, her favorite authors were Enid Blyton and C.S. Lewis and it wasn’t long before she began copying them, writing short stories for anyone who would read them.
At fifteen, two things happened which would shape her future: she heard a creation science speaker at her church which cemented her faith in God; and she finished her second novel-length story and realized she had fallen in love with writing novels.
After school, she completed a health science degree, got married, and worked in banking and finance. All the while she wondered how she could combine her love of writing and her strong passion for Christian apologetics and evangelism. One weekend at a church camp, a friend asked, ‘What if the guy in charge of the Smithsonian Institution went missing?’
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 A suspense-filled fiction mystery which answers an ominous question: How far will some go to silence an influential Christian voice?
Stunning revelations of intrigue and conspiracies set against the powerful backdrop of Washington, DC.
Uncover a hostile academic world filled with secrets and unexpected danger.
Meet FBI investigator Dinah Harris as she tries to unravel the mystery before her own personal demons derail her career.


How far will some go to silence an influential Christian voice?
After the deadly investigation into the Smithsonian murders, Dinah Harris is now facing a daily battle to keep her sobriety while struggling to form a new career from the ashes of her former job as an FBI agnet. From the shadows will emerge a cunning and terrifying killer, who carefully and methodically will decide whose life has value to society and whose does not.

Detective Dinah Harris hunts down a serial bomber targeting religious icons and buildings. The bomber is on a mission to rid the city of religion and establish a ‘new world order’. Can someone so intent on ridding the world of God experience redemption? What lies behind his hatred of God? Will his darkened soul search for pieces of light?

In Pieces of Light, Cave’s continues her compelling story lines using believable characters and realistic situations to:
  • Identify the importance of living under the authority of the Bible
  • Deliver a Biblical worldview perspective to current events
  • Illustrate the power of Jesus' sacrifice and desire to redeem every life
  • Provide believers a resource easy to share with skeptics
Thank you New Leaf Publishing Group for sending me this series for the purpose of review.  I love the statement of this publishing group on the homepage of their website:  "Dedicated to ink on paper to impact eternity, reaching hearts across the world to know Him and make Him known as our Savior."

And Ms Cave has done just that with the Dinah Harris Mystery series.  Weaved into an amazing story are discussions about the deep things of life and theology that are often shied away from especially in Christian fiction.  The story is believable and so are the well developed characters.  I have sometimes stayed away from fiction series, because they often aren't very well written.  Often the first installment is great and then any remaining installments are just a re-telling of the initial story idea.  However, I am very glad I did not miss out on this series of books by Cave.  They are brilliantly written and I can't wait to read more from her!  You won't waste your time with this series.

Happy Reading,