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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

He's 7!

This post is a week late, but as I've said here before...sometimes I get so busy living life there isn't time to blog about it!  Or maybe it is all the books I'm reading...ah, hummm.  Anyway...Bentley's birthday was on the 15th and he is now 7 years old!  He started the day off with his basketball game...

He plays on the Sky team and they won their game.  Some of his buddies on the team told him they won because it was his birthday!
JennaBeth has met a new friend...Jolene...and they enjoy playing while Bentley and Jolene's sister play basketball.

Bentley and his team always have a team meeting right after their game.  During this time the coach goes over what the team did well and what they need to work on for next game.  She also hands out their stars for the particular area in which each player did well.  Bentley got the star for best defense.  He really is improving his game!
Later that afternoon, it was party time!  He had about 14 friends over for his party...some from our neighborhood and some from church.  They played a few outside games and some inside.
Then of course it was cake and present time...

He wanted an ice cream cake this year.  We got the cake made at our local Publix grocery and it was yummy!  Bentley chose cookies and cream ice cream with a vanilla and chocolate marble cake.  The icing was whipped cream topped off with oreos and cherries.

His sisters even got in on the birthday action...

And what little seven year old boy's birthday party would be complete without a little wrestling?
Bentley is growing up fast.  I'm trying to hang on to the "little boy" as much as I can while encouraging him and watching him turn into a young man.  For now, I'm really enjoying the silly little boy times...

One Proud Mama