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Sunday, November 1, 2009

The Month of Thanksgiving

I am joining Leslie in committing the month of November as a month of Thanksgiving.  She is going to be posting things during November for which she is thankful on her blog.

I want to do the same here at Mother of Three.  Too often I think we reserve Thanksgiving Day as the one day we focus on thankfulness and we forget how blessed we are the rest of the time.

And we are all abundantly blessed!

Last year around this time, I began to see a spirit of selfishness and greediness rise up in my little three year old.  Now, we do not have to teach these things to our little ones.  It comes naturally as part of their sin nature.  But I watched as Bentley began to focus on what am I getting for my birthday, what am I going to get for being good, what am I getting for Christmas?  And he began to talk alot about what the "christmas man" (Santa Clause) was going to bring him.

Not to start a debate about whether it is the correct thing to let your children believe in Santa Clause or not, my husband and I just did not want our son's focus to be on "things" and how many "things" he was going to get.  I believe at even the youngest age there are ways we can help our children understand the importance of giving, serving and realizing in Whom we are blessed.

So, I began to talk about James 1:17 to Bentley.  His version of that verse:  "Every good and perfect gift comes from above."

I think this will be an excellent way to focus on being thankful this month.  I hope to get my children involved in this as well.  Each day I will be posting something for which I am thankful.

I hope as you stop by this month, you will leave a comment on that particular day telling me something for which you are thankful.

Today I am thankful for my salvation.  I praise God that before the foundation of the world He chose me!  He loved me and provided for my salvation by His Son's death on the cross.  Nothing I have done makes me deserving of this gift, but it comes to me because of God's mercy and grace.  If God had never done another thing for me other than grace me with salvation it would be enough, but He has blessed me abundantly.

And I bet He has you too!

Counting it all Joy,


Mariel said...

what a great idea! I am spending the next month focusing my own thoughts...and that of my children..on thankfulness. Every year I cut out a big turkey and put it on the fridge door. Then every day of the month leading to Thanksgiving, we each add a construction paper feather with something we are thankful for written on it. Might try to add turkey feathers to my blog this month....a thought to consider...