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Monday, September 19, 2011

Bentley's Birthday: Part One

Last Thursday (9/15), Bentley turned six!  He has been planning his birthday for...well since his birthday last year I think!  He's been counting down the days since September 1.  All week long, birthday cards have been arriving in the mail.  It worked out that he got a card in the mail about every day the week leading up to his big day.
We had promised him he could open up his cards and one present after school on Thursday.  Big sister was helping him do that when his little "girlfriend", Rylee, stopped by to visit him.  Rylee is a little girl in our neighborhood about Bentley's age and they play together really good...especially since she likes to play with Legos, which is what Bentley happens to be crazy about at the moment.
After Rylee's visit, Bentley got a phone call from my dad and step-mom (Papaw Conrad and Nana).  He then opened up his present from his Granny and Pops (my mom and step-dad).  They had sent me a check to go and get something for him to open from them.  He was just a tad excited...

And once again, he was amazed that his granny was so smart to know just what he wanted!

Next, I drove Bentley and Cecily to McDonald's for his birthday date with big sister.  This was all Cecily's idea.  She wanted to take him to McDonald's and treat him to a Happy Meal and whatever dessert he wanted with her own money.  I dropped them off and went to the Publix in the same shopping center to buy the food for his birthday party (that will be tomorrow's post) on Saturday.
I just imagine that he'll be walking alongside and looking up to her for many, many more days to come!  I sure do pray so.

One Blessed Mama,


jodi said...

Love the video! What a cutie! :)