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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Passion to Action

One family, one purpose, one passion; that's the Loecken family.  Jay and Beth Loecken have joined with Laura Morton and written a book Passion To Action:  How God Uses Ordinary People in Extraordinary Ways.  Audra Jennings with B&B Media Group, Inc. sent me a copy of the book for the purpose of review.  My review copy was an "uncorrected proof not for sale".

Jay and Beth along with their four children have a mission statement for their family:
"The Loecken family mission is, first, to love God with all of our heart, soul, mind, and strength and then to love each other by doing acts of random kindness in our own family first and then for others."
Practically, for the Loecken family, this has taken form in them selling their home and most of their material possessions, purchasing an RV and traveling the country doing random acts of kindness as the Lord opens doors for them to do so.  This epiphany of sorts, which led them to take such drastic actions, happened for them after the family took a mission trip to Africa.  The write a little about this trip in the book.  The Loeckens began to ask themselves such questions as:
  1. Do our lives matter?
  2. What are our goals?
  3. Is this really the abundant life?
  4. What are we craving?
Passion To Action is the Loecken's story of how they came to answer those questions for themselves in light of gospel implications for their family.

Keeping in mind that I read an "uncorrected proof not for sale" copy of the book, I found this book to not be very well written or organized.  While hearing from different voices could be helpful (Jay writes certain sections and Beth others) it was a little confusing and disjointed all the going back and forth.  There were a few places where one person was supposed to be talking and it was obvious as I read that the other person was actually speaking.  Also, you read a couple of chapters into the book and all of a sudden the timeline reverts back to before Jay and Beth met and they both share some heavy background from their lives.  I think having this info in chronological order would have been more helpful and effective. 

I also guess I expected the book to be more about their experiences in service to others.  While they do share some examples, the book seemed to be more about their adjustment to traveling in an RV.  Details such as the whole chapter about dumping their "black water" (waste) from the RV was just unnecessary.  The endless talk about frustrations with RV life overshadowed the real mission the family was on in the first place.  This is a real shame, because the convictions this family have are commendable.  I just wish they had used the format of their book more in the direction of helping other families understand the importance of living the gospel daily.

With all that said, by criticism is NOT of their family and what they are accomplishing through their movement; just with the writing and organization of the book itself.

You can find out more about the Loeckens and their mission by visiting their websites HERE and  HERE

You can order the book through by following the link below: