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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Stay Put!!

Have you ever been overwhelmed by the burden to pray?

I went to bed last night feeling that way.  

I had to first confess my sin of neglecting to pray like I should.  I often hear testimonies of people who spend hours in prayer and wonder how they do it.  I mean solid hours they will pray.  And then I will have days like the past few, when I am made aware of so many needs.  People are hurting.  Our nation is a mess.  Our economy is a mess.  And sadly, the churches in America seem to be full of people who are apathetic, in a mess, or just too comfortable doing their own thing.
I am the oldest child in my family of origin, a woman and a mother.  So guess what that makes me:  a fixer.  I have always wanted to "fix" things, to make them better.  I want to make those in my family who are suffering better.  I want to make my friend who is suffering right now better.  I want to make those who have suffered far too long with physical ailments better.  I want my nation to truly be "one nation under God" again, and I want our churches to be revived in faithfulness to the Lord.

I feel overwhelmed with a fresh burden to pray!

I was led to John 15:5 last night in my devotional.

"I am the vine;
you are the branches.  
If a man remains in me
and I in him,
he will bear much fruit;
apart from me you can do nothing."  

I seemed to be drawn to that word "remain" and what it means to remain in the Vine, Jesus Christ.

The word "remain" in the Greek as translated in this verse is "meno" and it means:  to remain, abide, dwell, endure, last, persevere, to stand firm, to remain alive.  It is derivative of the Greek word "hypomeno" which means:  to remain under i.e. to persevere, endure, bear up under, suffer - miseries, adversities, persecutions or provocations, with faith.

One of the places in scripture that the original word "meno" is translated is in Mark 14:34.  This is where Jesus is in Gethsemane and he takes Peter, James and John further with him and tells them, "My soul is overwhelmed with sorrow to the point of death",... "Stay here and keep watch."

Another place where "hypomeno" is translated is in Romans 12:12,  "Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer."

Faithful in prayer...Stay here and keep watch.

I am asking the Lord to help me remain in Him this week, to help me stay put and keep watch.  The answer for the hurting people, the sick people, our nation, our economy, and our churches are believers who will stay put at the feet of Jesus in faithful prayer.

Will you join me?