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Monday, January 4, 2010

A Lil' this and a Lil' that...

This post may be as coherent as JennaBeth's "baby babble" is right now, but here goes anyway...

Winter has come to SW Florida!  There is a bit of a nip in the air.  I don't think we are supposed to be out of the 50's all week!  My crock pot is going to get a work out as a result of this "coolness in the air" as Bentley likes to call it.  I'm cooking Chili tonight with cornbread and I have other meals planned for the rest of the week that can be done in the crock pot.

I guess you could say our family is getting back to normal this week, whatever that means! Ha Ha!  Cecily went back to school today after a two week Winter Break Christmas break.  Mike went back to work after being off for a week.  It sure was nice having every body home and getting to sleep a little later.  Of course JennaBeth determined whatever time that was!

It was fun getting to spend time together as a family last week.  We did a little after Christmas shopping.

These two had fun "driving" through BJ's while we picked up some diapers for JennaBeth.  That same evening, we went to an outlet mall.  Cecily had fun spending some of her Christmas money and we found some really good deals on some warmer clothing for Bentley.  It was really nice to find him a light jacket at the Carter's outlet store for $9.99!

There were several pretty fountains like this one around the outlet mall.   Cecily and I had Mike take a picture of us in front of one.

Yes, we splurged on two Caramel Apple Spice drinks from Starbucks!  It was so cold that evening and those drinks were so goodand warm!
The little ones could only take so much shopping so we stopped for them to play in the play area before we had some major meltdowns!
Big sister didn't mind playing on the "baby" side with little sister.  Bentley went to the big boy side with daddy.

The rest of our time was spent much like pictured in the above picture...just lazy for most of the day in our jammies.  It was so relaxing and I wouldn't trade last week's time with the family for anything!

So, has everyone made their new year's resolutions?  I wasn't really entertaining the idea of really nailing down any until after Sunday morning's sermon.  I'll provide the link to listen to the sermon as soon as it is up on our church's website for all you non-Northside readers.  The sermon title was "Knowing and Doing" and was based on John 13:1-17.

One of my resolutions is to have a scheduled "school" time with Bentley each day of the week.  His Sunday School teacher has been working with him on his letters at the end of that time each Sunday morning and look what he was so proud to show me this past Sunday morning...

We are so proud of him!!!  He recognizes all his letters and can write each one.  Debbie, his SS teacher, says that she can now just call out the letter to him and he can write that letter!

Praying your 2010 has gotten off to a good start!

Coram Deo,