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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sunday Stirrings

While I was pregnant with JennaBeth, I came across this video.  I was connected with Jason French, the author of the song, and he graciously sent me the lyrics to use in JennaBeth's baby book.

In honor of Right to Life Sunday, here is "I'm Holding a Miracle" by Jason French:

Also, if you missed my post with the video telling Patrick Henry Hughes' story, you can find it  here. 

Both videos uphold the strong view and concern for life that Jesus had and we should have also.  That's just what we covered in Sunday School this morning as we looked at four passages out of the book of Mark.  Jesus didn't give in to the ideas around Him about how to treat people.  Despite the costs to Him, He had great compassion and concern for the plight of those around Him.  

One of the passages we looked at was Mark 10:13-16.  Here's the verse that spoke to me loudly; it was verse 16:
"And He (Jesus) took the children in His arms, put His hands on them and blessed them."
In my prep to teach the class I found this in a commentary:
"The form of the Greek verb rendered 'blessed' conveys continuous action and presents the picture of Jesus unhurriedly placing His hands on each child in succession and invoking God's favor on each one."
Scripture doesn't tell how many children there were, but Jesus took the time to bless each one.  What compassion and tenderness our God has!  I want to have that kind of compassion towards those God places in my path!

And then my sweet husband shared this verse from Nahum 1:7 during our worship service tonight:
"The Lord is good, a refuge in times of trouble.  He cares for those who trust in Him."
My heart has been breaking for the people of Haiti this week, especially as I have thought of the many children separated from their moms and dads and all those children in the orphanages.  I almost can't stand to think of the suffering of those families!  And I've been wondering a specific scripture to pray over this concern and I found it tonight in Nahum 1:7!  I'm praying that the people of Haiti will find God in the midst of the rubble and will become aware of His care for them.

On the subject of Haiti, please be in prayer for Tchella Civil.  She is the wife in the family mentioned in this post
She and her husband both have been in touch with their families in Haiti.  They are all alive, but have lost their homes.  Tchella will not be able to get a flight into Haiti until the 26th.  She is going there to make contact with her family and asses their needs.  Please pray for the following:
  • Travel safety for Tchella to and from Haiti
  • Ease in being able to find her loved ones once there
  • Tchella's safety while in Haiti
  • Northside Baptist Church as we help this family during this crisis
Coram Deo,


jodi said...

Okay, so that song makes me want to have another baby! How sweet!

But here is what got me with your post: the quote from the Greek word blessed, where you said "unhurriedly placing His hands..." Unhurriedly. Don't you think that is key to making someone feel important? And how many times do I rush my kids through their day, what they are trying to tell me, or through a game they've been asking me to play all afternoon. Not much blessing being passed on there! Thank you for drawing my attention to that. :)

Amy Edwards said...

Such a sweet video. Had tears in my eyes reflecting on my beautiful babies. Unlike Jodi, it didn't make me want to have another baby - but I sure do miss pregnancy :)

I really enjoy reading your Sunday Stirrings because of the Greek you give us. This was a great post and went right along with what the Lord has taught me this week. Several weeks ago, my study reminded me of how personal Jesus was. He could heal from a distance, but he chose to go, to touch, to be personal. I'm so guilty of saying "I'll pray for you" but not being personal enough to follow up or pray specifically and let them know my specific prayers. Thanks for the reminder once again!